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Sam is originally from East Stroudsburg, PA and is currently a NYC-based Actress who made her professional debut in 2016 at Theatre for a New Audience in Sir Trevor Nunn's PERICLES. Since then, she has worked repeatedly at TFANA, as well as Red Bull Theater, The Public Theater, BAM & select regional theatres. Prior to Covid, she starred opposite Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale in MEDEA at BAM for one night only as she was lucky enough to go on for the role of Clara, a part she was understudying. You can see her on reruns of both Law & Order: SVU & FBI. During Covid she (once vaccinated and under the proper safety guidelines) filmed her first feature film, Killington. Sam is also a certified Intimacy Captain as well as a professional teaching artist for TFANA & AMDA. She believes in the healing power of art & hopes that the lessons of the past year have a lasting positive impact on the industry as we begin to open & operate again. 

"...She also displays maternal affection not just for her daughter, Miranda (Sam Morales, wide-eyed and wonderful), but also for her minion..." TIME OUT NEW YORK, Raven Snook

"..On the enchanted island where Prospero has raised her lovely daughter Miranda (performed with innocence and genuine sweetness by Sam Morales) after the exile..." StageBiz, Cindy Sibilsky

"Witting isn’t content to have two mature women air out their dirty laundry—one of the most dreaded stereotypes of modern drama is the spectacle of two characters putting cigarettes out in each other’s eyes. Instead, to show what was lost, and to reinforce the ways in which memory can deepen the trauma and resentments of a lifetime, she weaves the adult Alexandra with her younger self, Alex (the charming Sam Morales) ..." DC METRO THEATER ARTS, Andrew Walker White

"Not that Miranda herself (Sam Morales) isn’t a formidable woman. Far from being the flouncy ingenue that she’s often portrayed as, Miranda is the obvious product of her mother’s fierce love and careful upbringing. You get the sense that she has inherited her mother’s innate power." Plays To See, Austin Fimmano 

"The production also has a charming pair of young lovers in the Miranda and Ferdinand of Sam Morales and Jasai Chase-Owens. Morales convinces one that Miranda has never before seen other humans (aside from Prospero) and is thrilled at the opportunity..." Lighting & Sound America, David Barbour

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